Our firm was founded in 1953 in Vigevano, where the best shoe factories were then concentrated, and since then it has been producing and specialising in rubber, thermoplastic and TPU soles. This production was joined a few years ago by the production of rubber sheeting for the shoe industry.

The second generation of the family is now running the business and counts among its customers the most prestigious brands of Italian fashion as well as of mountaineering and climbing, as ILGA Gomma not only produces soles but it also provides technical advice in the development of lasts and design.

Some years ago Ilga moved its premises from the city centre to a new industrial area; recently purchased new concept machinery allowing enhanced production capacity and reduced delivery time, in order to meet the requirements of an ever increasing market demand.

Our two main fields of research and development are the following:

Technical research. We have developed two new high-tech rubber mixtures for special purposes: the " Kuss™", which offers the free climbing sector a highly sticky sort of rubber, particularly suited for small supports and the "Ilgaprene™ " for people specialising in trekking, because of its high stress and ageing resistance. Equally important is our antistatic rubber for professional and specific usage (medical field and accident prevention).

Recently we have developed and patented a new industrial process, named "Blink", this allows us to obtain a new kind of 2-coloured rubber

Stylist research. Our company have a modeller and a workshop to develop its collection and to fulfil our customer's proposals

"Think a lot – says Chairman Paolo Sempio – analysing and being aware of all new developments from around the world are the most important issues to survive in such a competitive market"