Energy saving

Ilga has been engaged for a decade to improve its working procedures and equipment, whilst aiming at having the least impact on the environment.

We have focused our attention and investments upon the following areas:

  • A new approach to renewable energy sources

  • Research and development of new technologies suitable for small sized industry

  • Maximum exploitation of available energy sources

  • Restructuring the existing machinery, aiming at energy saving and resource conservation

The continuous research for innovation and improvement leading towards ‘zero impact’ is carried out with great passion by the firm’s owner and chairman Paolo Sempio, who represents the third generation of a family of entrepreneurs and is exploiting his competence.

Thanks to this continuous research activity, in a decade Ilga Gomma noticabley reduced its energy demand1,2:

These results have been obtained thanks to a series of new strategies:


1) Estimating environment impact, energy consumption is expressed as included energy, also called grey energy, which is energy used for production unit. Its typical unit of measure is MJ/Kg, where used energy is measured in MJ (million of Joule) while production is measured in Kg.
2) In order to get an idea, cooking Spaghetti at home we used 11.7 MJ/kg of Gas.
3) Evaluing electric energy consumption, we don’t include energy saving due to photovoltaic device; energy saving here are only due to improvement of the industrial process.