Air Conditioning

The best way to use the air conditioning system is, of course, to leave it off when you don’t need it. For when air conditioning is necessary, we have worked out another highly energy-saving solution. In our premises there is a well, whose water can be used to create a high-efficiency thermodynamic cycle in order to cool offices. It works as follows.

In traditional air-conditioning systems there are external cooling units, placed either on roofs or outside the rooms, which takeS the heat from inside the building and giveS it off into the air, which in summer has a temperature of about 35°C / 40°C. The refrigerators must pump heat from about 7°C, which is the temperature of the cooling liquid, to over 40°C, which means a great consumption of energy.

In Ilga on the contrary, the water used for cooling has a temperature of about 18°C and the cooling unit has an incredible efficiency of 560 %4!

It follows that the impact on the environment is reduced to a third of what it normally is.


4) We emphasize that the efficiency of our device is always effective. On the contrary, in standard conditioning systems efficiency depends by external temperature; these devices waste a lot of energy in hot days.